Q:1. I have questions about my design,can you help me?

A:Please contact us via sales@pcbnpi.com,our representative will reply you within 24 working hours to discuss your design in more depth.

Q:2. If I want to fabricate boards in panelized type,what should I do?

A:We will panelize board as per your requirement or our recommendation.Please send us full details of panelization if you need us panelize.

Q:3.Are my design files safe when I send them to you for manufacturing?

A:We all respect customer"s copyright and will never share your files and personal information with any other 3rd parties.Please check our Private Policy Terms.

Q:4.What payment methods do you accept?

A:We require pay in advance. We accept payment by PayPal,Western Union and wire transfer.Please select one method and tell us when you submit your quote request.

Q:5.When does your promised "Lead Time" start?

A:Our lead time is counted from the next working day following receipt of payment and confirmation of specification and files.

Q:6.What should I do after paying?

A:You should tell us your payment,we confirm and then arrange your order.BTW,we will contact you via E-mail for your order question,pls check your inbox before you get your products.

Q:7.Can you assemble and solder my boards? Is there MOQ for assembly?

A:Yes, we can assemble your prototype boards. There is no minimum order quantity for PCB fabrication and assembly here.

Q:8.What is your shipping methods? How long it will take?

A:a.International Express: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT. About 2-3 days transport time . b.Also you could ship by Frieght Collect, just let us know shipping company and shipping account . c.HK Post is a economic choice. About 20-30 days transport time .

Q:9.What happens if I have a problem after receiving your products?

A:We are committed to your satisfaction and we hope you contact our salesperson immediately if you have a problem of any kind.