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1. Standard PCB Capability

Board MaterialStandard FR-4, FR-4 High Tg,FR-4 Halogen-FreeStandard FR-4 Tg=140 CStandard FR-4 Tg=140 C
Surface FinishHASL-Hot Air Solder LevelingLead Free HASL - Rohs Complaint is frequently used.
Lead Free HASL - Rohs Complaint
ENIG -Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold - Rohs Complaint
Immersion Tin -Rohs Complaint
Immersion Silver - Rohs Complaint
OSP -Organic Solderability Preservatives - Rohs Complaint
Layer Count1-10 layersThe total coppers layer quantity.
Finished Board Thickness.016"-.126"(0.4mm-3.2mm)1.6 mm finished thickness is frequently used.
Out Copper Thickness0.5 OZ-5 OZ(18um-180um)1 OZ is frequently used.
Inner Copper Thickness0.5 OZ-5 OZ(18um-180um)1 OZ is frequently used.
Min Trace/Space4mil(0.1mm)
Min Annular Ring4mil(0.1mm)
Min Drilling Hole Diameter4mil(0.1mm)-laser drill
Min Width of Cutout (NPTH)32mil(0.8mm)
Solder Mask ColorLPI, Different colors(Green, Green matt, Black, Black Matt, White, Red, Blue)Green is commonly used.
Surface/Hole Plating Thickness20um-30um
Chamfer of Gold Fingers20°, 30°, 45°, 60°
Test Method10V-250V, flying probe or testing fixtureAdditional fee may be charged if using Testing Fixture.
Board Thickness Tolerance+/-0.1mm ~ +/-10%

Special Techniques
Gold fingersSpecial technique need more time,so additional fee may charged.Not all the Special Techniques listed here,pls tell us your special requirments when you request your order quotation.
Blind/Buried hole
Edge Plating
Via Tented/Covered With Resin
Impedance Control
Half-cut/Castellated Holes

2. Assembly Capability

<1>Surface Mount,Through Hole,Cable assembly and mixed;

<2>Package 0402 or larger,0.5 pitch BGA;

<3>AOI test for SMD components,X-ray inspect for BGA and LCC (Leadless Chip Carriers) package;

<4>Lead-free / RoHS compliant;

<5>Free DFM file checking;

<6>No MOQ here;

3. Note

If you have any questions on the specification and capabilities of our standard PCBs, please kindly contact us at